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This site is dedicated to perspective and tools for the new time and energy we’re in.  Recognizing that we are eternal spirits in living flesh costumes is no longer optional or reserved for the isolated few, but is quickly becoming commonplace understanding in the mass consciousness field. We carry the spark of the Divine Central Source. We are here to wake the neighborhood by our own waking. 

What was random and subliminal is becoming deliberate and conscious. We are eternal and vast, each containing unique components of the evolution of the whole through individuated self. All connected. 

If modern physics is even partly right, everything in form is made of light, precipitated through sound by intent, through a fractal matrix, multidimensional and conscious to varying degrees, with the potential to be in many places, states, and/or dimensions at once. Everything is conscious, connected, multi-dimensional and interactive. The planets are waking and changing with us, and our ability to purposefully interact with their energies is opening. This is reflected in the timbre of their energy fields and interaction with our experience. Broader, deeper, higher, brighter, with the benevolence of the Creative Source shining through all, becoming palpable. All connected parts of the same creation.  

The resonances are changing, and our internal energy patterns must become fluid and adaptable to keep up. We must jump the grooves we’ve worn in our mental, emotional and spiritual synapses to emerge as more of who we really are. New, but oh, so familiar, with a richer spiritual, emotional and energetic dexterity.        


March Full Moon 2019

For months we’ve had full Moons on the cusp of a new sign. This is indicative of transitional conditions. Three hours before this full Moon, the Sun moves to the sign of Aries, with the Sun at 00 degrees Aries and Moon at 00 degrees Libra. The Sun is held in tight conjunction with Chiron at 01 degree, by opposition to the Moon. March 20th at 6:42 PM, PDT the Moon is full. The next day, March 21st, is the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of spring. Chiron involved in the energy of the full Moon means healing old wounds and removing obstacles to wholeness as an overriding factor. Mercury is still retrograde, as is Pallas. 

The grand square we’ve been in for 3 months, broke up the day before the full, as Uranus moved out of orb of its square to the Nodes. Now we have a grand trine/double kite and four Yods. The grand trine is made up of Mars, the Moon, and a conjunction of Pluto and the South Node. The two kites have apexes of Vesta and the North Node. We also have two separate minor grand trines; to Jupiter from Venus and Pallas, and from Vesta and the North Node to Mars. These are sextiles joined by trine that are not part of the grand trine/double kite. The energy is catalytic, active, and positive, exploding with augmented and supported potentials. We find ourselves jet-propelled into dynamic new growth, with love, wisdom and ownership of self. There’s more. 

We have two T-squares; one to Pallas from the Nodes, and one to Neptune with Mercury approaching, from Ceres and Juno. The focus of a T-square has no option but to express. In this case, we are growing into new wisdom and a new relationship with the multidimensional realm of Spirit. The veil is thin now. The Divine Mother and the Goddess of Leadership and Loyalty, are ushering us across the threshold into the multidimensional perceptions that opened at the new Moon. Retrograde Mercury backs up to conjunct Neptune on the 24th, staying conjunct as Mercury sits still in the sky, at station, still conjunct Neptune as it moves forward again on the 28th, not really out of orb (2 degrees) of conjunction with Neptune till the new Moon on April 5th. Our minds are intensely immersed in the realm of Neptune, exalted in the sign it rules, for one day shy of two weeks. Open your inner portals and believe your own perceptions. 

The Yods in the sky are interlocked and form a multidimensional set of pressures pushing us to focus and make adjustments. Any Yod can come with events that trigger the focus and make the work at hand more visible. Let’s unravel this a little and find the theme. A Yod is two bodies inconjunct the same planet, those two joined by a sextile, forming an obtuse triangle across the chart, looking like a sharp, pointed finger aimed at the Apex planet. The energy of a Yod is a grating awareness of anything out of harmony with the Apex planet’s higher purpose, and a drive to shift the inharmonious elements. This puts us in the position of having to live into the higher purposes involved. Our Yods are: Apex Jupiter, driven by Mars sextile the North Node. What parts of how you identify yourself and how you walk your path are not in alignment with expanded consciousness and joy? Apex Pallas, driven by Mars sextile Vesta. Again, identity, physicality and ownership of self drive the birth of a new level of wisdom and its employment.  Apex North Node, driven by Jupiter sextile Venus. Are you on a path of expansion, joy and love?  Apex Mars, driven by Jupiter sextile Pallas. Expansive wisdom drives us to examine our identity, egos, and what we purposely manifest. Jupiter and Mars drive two other Yods each and are Apex planets. Pallas and the North Node are apex points, each involved in driving one Yod. Venus and Vesta are drivers only. An approaching conjunction of Pluto and the South Node sit at the activation point to the Yod to the North Node. Oppositions to Apex planets, light up the Yod and activate the energy of it. Pieces of the past held in our Akash show us what needs to be integrated or released in order to move forward with grace and ease. With Pluto conjunct the South Node, we are literally transforming the planetary Akash along with our own. The Yods to Mars, Jupiter and Pallas stay with us through the 26th. 

The process of releasing the past so it doesn’t color the future has become something we can’t ignore with the Yod to the North Node lit up by the South Node and Pluto. The soul’s need for beauty, harmony, joy, freedom, expansion and love forces the focus on our path ahead and how we’re to get where we’re going. Transforming the past is key to this. Now consider that everything listed above is working in interlocked harmony, placing focus and work to be done in 4 places at once. We are heavily multi-tasking as we fly out of the crucible. Pay attention, but let your larger Spirit do the heavy lifting, and allow the change your own enormous, eternal Spirit brings. By doing this, we can end up channeling our higher selves every moment of every day. One with Spirit. The Universe cracks open and we begin to live in all our dimensions, the old way of being phasing in and out of form as it disintegrates. This is not really sudden. We’ve been working with and preparing for it for a long time. It is only the beginning of a process with no end. But finally, it is truly beginning. Limiting beliefs and trying to micromanage life from inside 3-D must be left at the door. Full Moons are a peak experience. Integration always happens on the back side of the full, leading us to another new Moon. 

I Am Dianne Millius

It’s been 23 years since I gave my first professional astrological reading.  Gathering spiritual understanding has been my driving passion this lifetime, whatever else I have done.  Ancient religions, sacred mathematics, astrology, oracles, chakras, mudra, physics, chemistry, have been like food to me. I celebrate string theory and quantum physics as the circle of science and spirit finally begins to close in human understanding. Yes! It's all light and sound... multidimensional... Pick an ancient religion. They've said the same for millennia.   

Psychic activity was normal in my family, so there was always support for learning to navigate other dimensions. I know what it is to be an empath, a psychic, a medium and a shaman. Memory of past lives, prophetic dreams, always some of that. I wouldn't want to imagine life without those senses.  I'm fascinated by how uniquely assembled and expressed people's "extra" senses are, and believe everyone has them to whatever extent they are looked for, allowed, nurtured and trained.   

In 1999, I took ordination in the Malabar Rite, Healing Order of MeBasrim. Considered an Eastern Orthodox Christian religion by governments, it is ancient Gnosticism, all about finding God within.  Jesus was one of many masters to have walked the Earth, and I've studied many of them. They all say the same; know yourself, find God within, and love is all there is. The 'return of The Christ' is inside each of us as we live into mastery.  I AM means you - the indwelling presence of your own Spirit as part of the Creative Source, also known as "God".  

Why I'm Here

Serving the process and participating in the massive change we find ourselves in gives me great satisfaction and relief.  It makes me know that every lifetime, every challenge, every death has been like the blink of an eye, worth the soul-numbing trudge through the densities of this plane of existence to end up here - now. 

Our symbiosis is total. The doors you open in your own consciousness opens them to all. Every personal victory ripples through all. Harmony is the law, and we can live from that. Helping you fulfill your life purpose fulfills mine.

Tools for Spiritual Maturity

I'm constantly in awe of how amazing it is here, what miracles surround us at all times...I mean, photosynthesis! come on! How did that happen? Miracle. Hummingbirds at all. Awestruck. But the fact that it's all alive, multidimensional and completely interactive - all of it, all of creation - has to make you know you are love and there is only that. 
Some of my favorite tools

 Charting the Inner Sea

Where are you going? Where have you been? What current are you in and where will it take you? How's the wind? Warm seas or cold? Information can be liberating and empowering. Prime Directive in every ancient religion is to know yourself. You can't change what you don't own, so own it all. Mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual autonomy lead us home. Be at choice and deliberate on all fronts. On purpose. We need you.

 Directing Electro-Magnetics

Our bodies are liquid, liquid crystal, and crystal, nothing else. We are like radio transmitter-receivers, hands and feet are terminals. Put two fingers together and you're closing a circuit, changing the flow of magnetism and electricity through your body, mind and senses. It's simple physics with profound effects, and all in your own hands. Need to stop the voice of crap? There's a mudra for that.

 Mansions of the Soul

A chakra is described as a whirling vortex of light (chakra means wheel). They basically breathe in and breathe out light, color, prana, energy. It is one of many systems we have for interacting with our environment and ourselves. If you take your experiential self through the portals of your chakras within, there are vast worlds beyond description full of causal places and connection to your God self. Trusting your own perception unlocks it all.

Notes from Clients

"I started listening to you and have learned a lot about myself. Two years ago I consciously started to take a new path, one of much needed change. I have come so far and am so grateful to you for the guidance. I have won a big part of my life back. Thank you my dear angel. I love you and appreciate you soooo much." Kim Solano - California  

"Load  the page! The Universe is pushing you there because it's where we all need you to be.... I am so grateful that this will allow your message to be accessed by all who need it and we are legion. You so inspire me. Love you madly" Jason Bridge - Zimbabwe



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