This site is dedicated to perspective and tools for the new time and energy we're in. Recognizing that we are eternal spirits inhabiting living flesh costumes is no longer optional or reserved for the isolated few, but is quickly becoming commonplace understanding of the mass consciousness field. We carry the spark of the Divine Central Source. We are here to wake the neighborhood through our own waking.


What was random and subliminal is becoming deliberate and conscious. We are eternal and vast, each containing unique components of the whole through individuated self. All connected.

Everything in form is made of light, precipitated through sound, by intent, through a fractal matrix, multidimensional and conscious to varying degrees, with the potential to be in many places, states, and/or dimensions at once. Everything is conscious, connected, multi-dimensional and interactive. The planets are waking and changing with us, and our ability to purposefully interact with their energies is opening. This is reflected in the timbre of their energy fields and interaction with our experience. Broader, deeper, higher, brighter, with the benevolence of the Creative Source shining through all, becoming palpable. All connected parts of the same creation. 

The resonances are changing, and our internal energy patterns must become fluid and adaptable to keep up. We must jump the grooves we’ve worn in our mental, emotional and spiritual synapses to emerge as more of who we really are. New, but oh, so familiar, with a richer spiritual, emotional and energetic dexterity.