This event has been postponed. New dates will be announced soon


Moss Landing September 1st, 8th and 15th - 10am -12pm at The Haute Enchilada Social Club

Learn to Read Your Own Astrological Chart

Understand astrology as a metaphoric language 

September 1st - Houses Quadrants and orientation                           $180 

September 8th - Signs Planets and Asteroids

September 15th -  Aspects and configurations

Participants will be provided with a copy of your natal chart and all materials needed to build a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Please fill out the form below so that your chart can be included in your folder. Please enter the date, time and place of birth in the field marked 'Information for Chart'. Click 'submit' so I have your information, then click on the 'Order Now' button below for Event Brite to purchase tickets. You can also email me for alternatives:

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