The Magic of Mudra

Everything in our bodies is liquid, liquid crystal or crystal. We are like radio transmitter/receivers, receiving and transmitting  the forces of electromagnetic energies. Hands and feet are the terminals. Closing specific circuits in specific ways changes the quality of the electromagnetic charge you choose to transmit. This requires no faith. It is simple physics. Change the quality of your electromagnetics and you change everything, making what has been random become deliberate, and keeping you on purpose. 

Mudra, in the immediate, is subtle. Long term, it is not. The word Mudra means seal. It is about purposely sealing a new quality of energy into being for your mind, your body and your Spirit. Mudra is a powerful tool for taking charge of your own energy fields, inside and out. 

There are hundreds of mudras used by many ancient world religions. Some have been studied by modern medical science and  proven to be effective for their intended uses. There is even a mudra proven to stop a heart attack. Below are some mudras I find useful in every day life. 

Classes on mudra can be found on the events page, or contact me to schedule one for your group.

This mudra stops the worry rate. Long slow breathing and allowing the mind and heart to grow quiet with this mudra, eliminates stress and mental chatter. Gain control over inner dialogue. Practice often if prone to worry. 

This mudra enhances self confidence. Long, slow breath with this mudra held in front of the solar plexus with elbows bent, builds confidence and helps eliminate doubt. Can be practiced any time for as long as you like.

Use this mudra to ensure right speech and is useful to work with your 6th chakra. If you have important communication to engage in, this mudra will align speech and intent to act as one.

If you are facing fear or feeling the need for protection, this one is for you. Again, long, slow breathing and aligning your intent with the purpose of the mudra works wonders.

Another mudra for trust. This one, held in front of the solar plexus, augments trust of all kinds, especially trust in yourself and your connection to your own spirit.

We all need to increase our levels of trust; in ourselves, in the flow, in our larger spirit. This is the mudra for locking trust into your field and your consciousness.

Depression seems to have become epidemic in our society. Try this mudra before resorting to chemical methods. Long slow breath with as many knuckles touching as possible will help lift you out of inner darkness.

Try this one with both hands level with your ears, elbows bent. Love of self is primary, and this mudra will surprise you if used consistently over a period of time. This is for more love in your life, starting between you and you.

Thumbs touch the pads below pinkies. If you feel the need to align with higher consciousness, this mudra will help. As always, regular and consistent use yields the best results.

Starting with loose fists over head, swing arms down and out to the sides, forming a figure 8 as you swing them back up to the beginning position. The feeling of lifting and removing obstacles and hardships from your life is instant. This can be done at any time for as long as you like. Conscious, deliberate, slow breath makes it more powerful.

Begin with hands open, palms up, elbows bent, waist high. Turn hands over pressing the inside and outside edges together alternately while repeating the word 'Har', meaning God. This helps align your energy field with the abundance of the Cosmic Source. Followed by either of the mudras for building trust, it won't take long till what you need avails itself to you.

To invoke and turn issues over to your higher self. We are not equipped to handle it all. Turn it over and trust your own larger spirit.

We all need more wisdom in our lives, and this mudra will increase your wisdom when dealing with issues that require it. Pull slightly, creating pressure to activate. Right palm facing down.

This is an all-purpose laser-like mudra that can be used for many things. If you are having trouble grounding, use it pointed down in front of your first chakra. You will feel it immediately.