Aquarius New Moon 2020

This new Moon is an interesting dance. At all times this year, remembering that we are working on mastering parts of ourselves will serve us well. We all chose to be here for this. What point of view we opt for and purposely choosing, moment to moment, where we put our attention have become indispensable tools. We’re in the meat of the morph, with work to do and assistance at hand.


The Sun and Moon are conjunct January 24th 1:41 PM, PST, at 04 degrees Aquarius. The next day is the Chinese Lunar New Year, ushering in the Year of the Rat. Mercury has also moved to Aquarius, and is now at 13 degrees. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, innately rules the 11th house of a chart. It is the place of joint ventures, pooling of resources and skills, friendships, collaborations and a transpersonal view of humanity. Ceres, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, South Node, Phollus and Pallas span the breadth of Capricorn from 02 to 27 degrees with Saturn and Pluto separated by only one degree. Most of the energy in the sky is still taken up with structural issues, discipline, boundaries, foundations, with a focus on the matrix of manifestation. Saturn, exalted in the sign it rules, applies restrictions that allow form and creates a kind of compression aimed at taking greater responsibility. The axiom “there is no freedom without discipline” is the timbre of the time. At the same time, with the Sun, Moon and Mercury having progressed into Aquarius, and Uranus, ruler of that sign, square the new Moon, there is pressure to bring forth innovation, invention, intuition, and a kind of internal freedom of expression foreign to Saturn and Capricorn. Uranus is the energy that breaks up existing patterns established by Saturn so that something fresh, innovative and new can come into existence. So we have a slow march through the structures and established patterns of life, leading to a new way of being. Pluto will be the last planet to leave Capricorn and transit into Aquarius in the spring of 2023. We are transforming the structures within which we live; physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Patience and a broad overview are required. We are in year 8 since the corner was turned at the end of 2012. 


Mars is septile, and Venus is novile the new Moon. There is an element of physical magic at work, and a completion of the energies of love, beauty, and values permeating the lunar cycle. The North Node, our path and the vehicle for traveling it, is inconjunct the new Moon, pushing adjustments that need to be made as we inch forward, still overhauling the underlying structures. This will continue, as one planet after another transits into Aquarius. Ceres enters Aquarius January 30th, Saturn on March 21st, Mars on March 30th, Pallas, April 29th. Jupiter leaves Capricorn on December 19th, leaving only Pluto. 


Juno squares the slowly parting conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. The basis of how we relate to each other is under pressure and cracking to allow a transformation of how we view each other. Namaste. This is a place of free choice, and we needn’t fear those who still opt for darkness, mistaking it for power. They, too, contain the spark of God within, even if they don’t know it. Compassion for their inexperience, how disconnected they are, and the abject, pervasive fear in which they live, is an appropriate response.


On January 27th, Venus, Neptune and the Moon are conjunct, exactly square Mars and novile the Sun. Our identities, physicality and potential for aggression are infused with love and Spirit as we begin to reflect that difference into the world. The new harmonic in our ambient consciousness is complete. Now it can begin to ripple through all aspects of life. As always, it isn’t so much about the moment of conjunction, square or novile, though we will feel it, but the shift of harmonics they represent and ring in. Things vibrate differently from here on, in the constantly shifting and evolving energy patterns within which we live.


We have plenty to do in this phase of the Moon, as it builds toward a powerful full on February 8th, with Venus conjunct Chiron and a Yod to the Moon from Saturn/Pluto and Neptune. More on that as it approaches.


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Copyright 2020 Dianne Millius