Libra New Moon 2020

Libra, represented by the scales of balance and justice, ruled by Venus, Cardinal Air, sixth sign of the zodiac out of twelve. Equilibrium is the current lens filtering energies. The Sun and Moon are conjunct October 16th, 12:30 PM, PDT, at 23 degrees Libra. The Sun and Moon, and the issues of justice, balance and equilibrium are one of six points in the sky linked together in a multidimensional set of dynamics that keep us under pressure to transform the foundations of the matrix in which we live on every level, and feed us with the power, compassion, and will to make it so. 


A T-square from Mars and the Sun/Moon conjunction to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn puts outrageous pressure on us to break through old energy patterns and transform the foundations of what we have known as ‘human nature’. Mars is part of the T-square, one of two grand trines (kites), and a mystic rectangle in the sky, all linked together by Mars and the Sun and Moon.


The energies of Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn have dominated the year. There’s a process involved, and we’ve turned a corner to a new part of that process. Pluto is the driving force in this set of energies. It is life and death transformation, death and resurrection, personal power, and the ability to rise from our own ashes. We’ve been basically taken down to bare metal. We’ve died to the old ways of being, and now the resurrection begins. There is one more conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas, all direct, that will be in place for most of the month of November. Pluto doesn’t move into new territory, that is, ground it hasn’t already covered, until late February. This spring is likely to be a rebirth unlike any we’ve ever known. But right now we’re still in it, and there’s a new kind of work to do.


 In the quest for enlightenment, mastery of self is always step one. More than any other planet, Mars is about the self, here on the physical plane. Ego is simply differentiation of self. Anger, like pain, is there to show us what’s out of balance, or where our triggers are so they can be addressed and mastered.Taking the conceptual energies of the outer planets and manifesting them into flesh is a process we’re still working with as well, and is driven by Mars energy.  Mars is currently retrograde, and will remain so through the 13th of November, internalizing its energy and putting Martian issues under review. The aspect of a square has traditionally been considered to be a difficult or ‘negative’ aspect, but without the pressure of a square, there would be no change. A square is only negative or difficult if it is resisted. Mars has been in this aspect with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Pallas for over a month, and as it turns direct in November, it will continue to square Pluto in particular, but also Jupiter and Saturn till they both move out of orb in December. 


The shared points in the two grand trines and mystic rectangle are Sun/Moon and the Nodes. We are integrating the past and forming the future, and we’re being helped with that. Nothing shows that better than the mystic rectangle ignition of Mars, Sun/Moon and Nodes. The other points in the grand trines propelling us forward, are Vesta and Ceres. Belonging and compassion, or nurturing and ownership of self.


Other points of expansion, shown by oppositions are Uranus in opposition to Juno, Neptune in opposition to Venus and Ceres in opposition to Vesta. New ways of relating, a huge dose of love from Spirit, and compassion feeding our sense of belonging. 


The Sun moves to Scorpio in the late afternoon of October 22nd, entering the realm of Pluto. The T-square breaks up with Mars still square Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.


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Copyright 2020 Dianne Millius