Aries/Libra Full Moon 2020

The global transformation that began in January continues through the spring of 2021. That’s not to say the virus will still be with us the whole time, but as with anything Pluto touches, life will not be the same by the time it’s finished, and what was ‘normal’ before it began will be gone. The new and full Moon phases are punctuation in this larger process.


The Moon is full April 7th, 7:34 PM, PDT, with the Sun at 18 degrees Aries and the Moon at 18 degrees Libra. Neptune is inconjunct the Moon and Pluto is in approaching square with the Sun and Moon, forming a T-square. Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas are at 24, 25 and 26 degrees Capricorn. The Moon moves out of orb of the square within the day, but the Sun will be square each in overlapping succession from now through April 24th. Squares are static conditions and calcified paradigms that demand a shift, a breakthrough. There is pressure involved. The Sun is our generator of photons, which are pure consciousness. Pluto is life and death transformation, Jupiter, expansion of consciousness, Pallas, cognizance and applied wisdom. It’s a push to wake up. It’s an ongoing reality check in a changing reality. 


Vesta in the sky is trine Pluto, trine the Moon and sextile the Sun. Now is when we begin to find our true sense of belonging and purpose. Waking up to the unseen dimensions that drive physical manifestation is what’s happening, and waking as many others as we can is the quest. Now is when we recognize ourselves as one organism, connected by the consciousness of The One. Every single individual path to this is equally valid.


April 19th, the Sun enters Taurus. The next new Moon on the 22nd. 


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