Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon 2020

It’s a potent full Moon, featuring the center point in our ongoing conjunctions of Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas. The Sun and Moon are in exact opposition to each other July 4th, 9:44 PM, PDT, with the Sun exactly conjunct Vesta at 13 degrees Cancer and the Moon at 13 degrees Capricorn. This full Moon is another penumbral eclipse where the very edge of the shadow of Earth touches the edge of the Moon. The last one was June 5th with people in the streets worldwide demanding wisdom and change. The Sun, Moon, Chiron and Juno form a grand square, with Uranus inconjunct Juno and Ceres trine the Sun and Vesta, sextile the Moon. Grand squares always create pressure to break through calcified habit patterns. Trine and sextile from Ceres infuses the full Moon with compassion, nurturing and kindness, which are now becoming a bottom line criteria in the mass consciousness. Uranus inconjunct Juno describes pressure to shift and adjust social interaction from an old paradigm to a new one, and apply intuitive understanding to how everything and everyone relate in a larger view. Venus is trine Juno for the full, an aspect that lasts through the next new Moon on the 20th. Trines are an easy flow of energy that catalyzes the energy of both bodies. In this case, it is catalyzing love, beauty and values applied to relating.


The conjunctions of Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas continue, with the three conjunct on June 29th and carrying through to the full Moon. All three travel together retrograde, to 23 degrees on the full. Pallas moves over the top of Jupiter and Pluto to take the lead by the next new Moon, with Pallas at 19, Jupiter at 21 and Pluto at 23. The third conjunction, direct, will be in November. Wisdom is key here. Larger than life transformation of humanity is in progress as we evolve into living from wisdom. It is a vital piece of growing up, and is easy to see playing out across the globe if you look for it. As with all major shifts in global consciousness, it comes down to reaching critical mass with certain kinds of energies and ideas. Reaching critical mass with the understanding of Spirit being the bottom line of existence is what got us around the corner in 2012. We are now reaching that same kind of tipping point with applied wisdom in social interaction. Someone said recently that we’re ‘breaking the wisdom barrier’. Quite so. Perhaps one of many.


Photons are pure information, pure consciousness. This is part of why the ancients worshipped the Sun. Vesta brings belonging, being ‘vested’ with a sense of self as part of a larger whole. Ceres trine this conjunction catalyzes and infuses it with compassion, nurturing, and feeding of body, mind and soul. Her sextile to the Moon gives active, dynamic emotional, subconscious and reflective power to compassion and caring for one another becoming the new criteria for expression of mass consciousness. 


July 12th, Mercury resumes direct motion. The grand square lasts through the 9th. It is replaced the same day by a Yod from Uranus and Ceres to Juno, forcing the compassion driven change in paradigm we need in how we relate to each other. The Yod lasts through the 16th. The 14th has Mars catching up with Chiron, still loosely opposite Juno. We’re likely to see some action taken on wounds and healing that day. The next new Moon is July 20th.


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Copyright 2020 Dianne Millius