Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon 2019

The Moon is full November 12th, at 5:34 AM PST with the Sun at 19 degrees Taurus and Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio conjunct retrograde Vesta. Saturn and Pluto are trine the Moon and Vesta, Juno sesquiquadrates the pair, retrograde Neptune is sextile, and retrograde Mercury, having just transited the Sun, joins the Sun in opposition. All these retrogrades signal an internal process at work. How we find a sense of belonging is under review, quickened and activated by relationships, fostered by Spirit, with a direct feed of consciousness and thought.


The Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn and Pluto, making it an easy, dynamic, active endeavor to transform our structures and foundations. Saturn and Pluto trine the Moon and Vesta, brings the transformation home to the reflections we create in the outer world. This is another part of the revolution at hand. Mercury and Saturn share a novile, showing a completion between the energies. It is an expression of a new set of fluid harmonies. The knowing of this permeates the mass consciousness from within.


Neptune is sextile the conjunction of Moon and Vesta, sextile Saturn, and trine Mercury and the Sun, infusing all with Spirit presence from beyond our shrinking veil that has separated dimensions. Recognition of Spirit and the power of the unseen is what got us around the corner in 2012. That recognition continues to grow, spreading light and inspiration.


Pallas and Juno (wisdom and relationships) form a Yod to retrograde Uranus. Yods always bring about events that change how we operate, force a focus on the apex, and require changes. With Uranus retrograde at the apex, we have an internal revolution. This continues a theme that’s been going on for some time. Pallas and Juno have been working together for months, bringing a new level of wisdom to how we relate to ourselves, those close to us, humanity as a whole, the planet, solar system… on and on. Sometimes it takes a sharp noise to wake us up, or something out of the ordinary to shift a long-standing internal paradigm. Providing the stimulus is part of the job of Uranus. Uranian people, Aquarians and those with a prominent Uranus in their charts, allow themselves a level of internal freedom the rest of us are still learning. Jupiter and Ceres are moving into solid trine with Uranus, infusing the shake-up with larger than life compassion, nourishment for body, mind and soul, and a large incremental step forward in the adjustments to and balancing of gender equality on all fronts. Mercury moves direct on the 20th, and the Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd. The trine between Uranus and Ceres is exact on the 24th, just ahead of the next new Moon on the 26th, with Jupiter and Venus conjunct each other also trine Uranus. Mars and the Moon are in exact opposition to Uranus that day as well. The revolution continues in what feels, at times, like slow motion. How this affects individuals depends on where Uranus falls in your chart. During this phase of the Moon, Uranus moves from 04 to 03 degrees Taurus. 


An opposition of Mars and Uranus can be explosive. This time trines and sextiles invoke the higher nature of both planets. Again, with Uranus retrograde, it is an internal revolution with the higher nature of Uranus being intuition, innovation, autonomy and freedom of thought, action and spirit. The higher nature of Mars is manifesting the unseen into temporal reality, and grounding of spirit into flesh through identifying with the Spirit that runs through everything. The configuration described above dominates the back side of the full Moon. It is the potential for a massive infusion of love, compassion, liberation and freedom from old paradigms.


Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, Earth and Water. They like stability and sameness. They like to know what’s next. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, embodies the time of year when old fruit falls, leaves die on deciduous trees, and what has passed becomes fertilizer for the next season of birth and growth. It’s a time of gestation, of an alchemical transformation that goes on beyond our physical view. Taurus, ruled by Venus, takes the raw creativity of Aries and turns it into concrete temporal works, grounded in Earth. The old ways of being are turning into the fertilizer that will foster and feed a new expression of concrete works of beauty on Earth. This is the axis of Scorpio/Taurus. What goes on inside every single one of us ripples through the entire expression of life in this plane of existence. There is no greater work to be done than to bring about an internal revolution and liberation. We are the shift. 


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Copyright 2019 Dianne Millius