Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon 2020

When there are two full Moons in a calendar month, the second one is called a ‘Blue Moon’, and that’s what we have. It is associated with unusual events. The Sun is at 8 degrees Scorpio, and the Moon is at 8 degrees Taurus on Halloween, October 31st, at 7:49 AM, PDT, with the Moon conjunct retrograde Uranus. We can expect the unexpected. This is a transitional time in several ways. Mercury, Neptune, Mars, and Uranus are all retrograde, with all but Uranus moving direct over the month of November. Mercury begins direct motion on November 3rd. The ongoing conjunction of Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn is on the move, with placement for the full at 19, 21, 22, and 26 degrees Capricorn respectively, with Saturn the only one still retrograde. The T-square we’ve had is falling apart, with Mars in parting square with Pallas and Mercury exactly square Saturn, still exerting pressure on the powerful transformative action of the stellium in Capricorn. November 6th, Pallas is conjunct Jupiter at 21 degrees, and on the 7th, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto at 22 degrees, joined by Pallas on the 9th. Pallas moves ahead to 23 degrees on the 13th, joined by Jupiter on the 14th for the next new Moon the same day. 


November 1st, Venus is in exact opposition to Chiron, expanding a sense of healing with love, beauty and value and removing obstacles to the wholeness of these attributes. The Sun stays in opposition to Uranus through the 5th, bringing revolution to consciousness, shining a light on paradigms that require demolition, infusing life with intuition and a sense of internal liberation. At the same time, the Sun is inconjunct Mars, pushing adjustments to ego, anger, violence, and self-image. 


By November 8th, the Sun conjunct Juno and the solid exact conjunction of Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto set up a Yod to the North Node. Our path forward is in flux and under serious pressure to change. The Yod stays in place through the new Moon on the 14th, breaking up just hours before the Moon conjuncts the Sun.


On November 9th, Venus has moved into exact opposition with Mars, softening sharp edges. Mars is still retrograde and has moved out of orb of square with the stellium of Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto, taking the pressure off our transformative process. 


This is a full Moon that’s on the move, full of surprises, changes, and shifts we cannot fully anticipate. November 8th, Vesta moves into orb of a trine with Uranus, exact on the 14th, the day of the next new Moon. Our sense of belonging and ownership of self is being revolutionized in a very positive way, and includes operating from intuitive understanding in ways that used to be out of the ordinary. It’s such an easy flow that it may be easy to miss or take for granted.


Any time there is a situation of a planet, or in this case, three bodies in conjunction, making three passes, two direct, and one retrograde, the first event can be shocking. The first direct conjunction of Pallas, Jupiter and Pluto was when Covid hit and the world shut down. The second conjunction (retrograde) gave us time to process and integrate what was happening and decide what to do with it. The third conjunction, which is during this two week phase of the Moon and beyond, is when we get to begin to put what we’ve learned into practice and action. The world will be different than it was, going forward from here. But the changes won’t be over. We’re building to what astronomers call ‘the great conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn, the two heaviest planets in our solar system, with more mass and more magnetic power than all other planets combined. This will begin December 9th as Jupiter approaches Saturn, exact to the minute of arc on December 21st, the winter solstice, with Jupiter and Saturn moving together out of Capricorn and into the first degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter is not out of orb of conjunction with Saturn till January 3rd. All planets in the solar system are on the same side of the sky for this, creating an awesome mass of gravity and magnetism. This is the true crescendo of 2020, and the closest conjunction of these two planets since 1623, not to be matched again till 2080. Buckle up, obey your intuition and trust the flow, or to quote Sinbad the Sailor, “Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.”


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Copyright 2020 Dianne Millius