Virgo New Moon 2020

As the world seems apocalyptic with nothing but horrible news on the airwaves, it’s important to maintain a broad view of what’s happening. We’re still under the influence of Saturn and Pluto, and very little will remain the same in this energy. Maintaining a connection with the light and your own larger spirit is crucial. Taking responsibility for the thoughts and feelings you foster determines how things will turn out. What has been random must become deliberate. Thoughts and feelings that have been like leaves in the wind must become a matter of conscious choice. This is a year of mastery of self. Messengers from deep space visit us with a parade of 10 asteroids whizzing past Earth over the month of September. Saturn and Pluto are 3 degrees apart, both retrograde. The minutes of arc will change a bit, but both will stay at 25 and 22 degrees Capricorn as they reach station. Saturn will begin direct motion on September 29th, and Pluto will do the same on October 4th. Mutual aspects hold them conjunct with their energies combined, till the beginning of November. This combination shakes foundations and leaves us altered. It’s wise to put down the bundles of the past, including past perceptions and viewpoints. We won’t need them, and trying to cling to how anything used to be is likely to cause discomfort. All we really have is our own consciousness as part of All That Is, so if you need to cling to something let that be your rock.  


The Moon is new with the Sun and Moon conjunct at 25 degrees Virgo on September 17th at 4:00 AM, PDT. The conjunction of Sun and Moon is trine Saturn and Pluto, and sesquiquadrate Uranus. Deep and pervasive change is augmented, catalyzed, electrified and propelled. Paradigms crack and fall away.


Mercury and Vesta form a Yod to Neptune. Channelling is becoming a way of life. The places where you don’t trust your own perceptions will require adjustments, as we repair centuries of disempowerment and denial of the richness and power of the unseen. Allow yourself to hear the voices of the plants, share thoughts without speaking, see the shapes and colors that surround everything and everyone. We’re just waking up. Have some coffee, and maybe a mushroom to jog your memory. We’ve done all this before.


The North Node, our path and means of getting where we’re going, is inconjunct Pluto and Saturn and trine Mercury and Juno. Communication and relationships are a catalyzed and positive part of moving forward. Structural changes are required on the road ahead.


September 21st is the fall equinox. The Sun moves to Libra on the 22nd. The Moon is full October 1st.


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Copyright 2020 Dianne Millius