Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon 2020

The Moon is full December 29, 2020, 7:28 PM, PST, with the Sun at 8 degrees Capricorn and the Moon at 8 degrees Cancer. The crucible continues, in the form of a grand square involving Neptune, Vesta, and the North and South Nodes as pressure builds to break through old mindsets. It is a massive squeeze to live into a more multidimensional reality. Venus joins the South Node for a few days, lending her gentleness and beauty to how we deal with  the past.


There are three minor grand trines, two overlapped. Uranus is the apex of one, Ceres the apex of another, one joined by trine between Ceres and the Moon, and another joined by trine between Uranus and the Sun. The third has Jupiter and Saturn as the apex, joined by trine between Juno and Chiron. It is a positive, dynamic, active set of angles, driving a great deal of change, compassion, nurturing, healing, and a sense of connection.


As Jupiter slowly moves beyond Saturn, they form a square to Uranus for the week, propelling change, intuition, and innovation. It’s appropriate that we should require a breakthrough, as our foundations have been expanded almost to the point of being blown apart, and we’ve only just begun to see the effects of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.


Pluto squares Mars, and the Sun and Moon are T-square Chiron. Volatility and irritation can show up with Pluto square Mars, but the underlying pressure is to transform what you identify with. Consciousness and the sensing body squeeze us to become more whole, to heal long-standing wounds.