There are a plethora of tools available for working with ourselves. Whatever resonates and works for you is what you should do. In this time of shifting consciousness for the planet and its inhabitants, it is important to have a set of tools to use. What goes on inside us creates the outside world and the realities we inhabit. Working with our own consciousness and energy fields becomes the only game in town as we realize that 


Everything in form is comprised of energy, vibration and frequency. Light and sound precipitate into biology through consciousness. Working with the light, the energies, the vibrations and frequencies of sound that our flesh costumes are made of simply make sense. The subpages of this section deal with the use of mudra to work with our electromagnetic fields, experiential chakric work to become deliberate in how we requalify the light passing through us, sound frequencies to bring us into resonance with the frequencies we're made of, and the sounds of the planets to broaden our experience of the energies of our immediate neighborhood. Use what works for you.