I  Am Dianne Millius

It’s been 24 years since I gave my first professional astrological reading.  Gathering spiritual understanding has been my driving passion this lifetime, whatever else I have done.  Ancient religions, sacred mathematics, astrology, oracles, chakras, mudra, physics, chemistry, have been like food to me. I celebrate string theory and quantum physics as the circle of science and spirit finally begins to close in human understanding. Yes! It's all light and sound... multidimensional... Pick an ancient religion. They've said the same for millennia.

Psychic activity was normal in my family, so there was always support for learning to navigate other dimensions. I know what it is to be an empath, a psychic, a medium and a shaman. Memory of past lives, prophetic dreams, always some of that. I wouldn't want to imagine life without those senses.  I'm fascinated by how uniquely assembled and expressed people's "extra" senses are, and believe everyone has them to whatever extent they are looked for, allowed, nurtured and trained.


In 1999, I took ordination in the Malabar Rite, Healing Order of MeBasrim. Considered an Eastern Orthodox Christian religion by governments, it is ancient Gnosticism, all about finding God within.  Jesus was one of many masters to have walked the Earth, and I've studied many of them. They all say the same; know yourself, find God within, and love is all there is. The 'return of The Christ' is inside each of us as we live into mastery.  I AM means you - the indwelling presence of your own Spirit as part of the Creative Source, also known as "God". 

Why I'm Here

Serving the process and participating in the massive change we find ourselves in gives me great satisfaction and relief.  It makes me know that every lifetime, every challenge, every death has been like the blink of an eye, worth the soul-numbing trudge through the densities of this plane of existence to end up here - now.

Our symbiosis is total. The doors you open in your own consciousness opens them to all. Every personal victory ripples through all. Harmony is the law, and we can live from that. Helping you fulfill your life purpose fulfills mine.